They call me Cocaine because I'm white & fun. Hip-hop, football, beer and hot, hot men.


hot cheetos always sound like a good idea until your nose is watering and you shoving 50 in your mouth all at once because they taste so good but you don’t care and then you think you’re choking on one but it’s just because you’re sweating and becoming disoriented

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Neahkahnie Mountain, Oregon by ms_katrine


my hobbies include setting alarms I’ll never wake up to

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people who don’t swear make me very uncomfortable

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aye one time i owed the library like 400 dollas man.


it was the summer of 7th grade going to 8th 

a nigga was stressed and depressed 

walking home like 

“how the fuck did i manage to do this to myself”

on the brink of tears everyday scared to tell my mom

luckily they had this program 

“read away your fees” or some shit like that 

every half an hour you sat in the library and read it took 2 dollars off 

my niggas. 

my mother aint see me for about a month and a half. 

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Maybe ?

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